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Sweat Free Confidence All Day

Sweax Underarm Liners are a brand new generation of disposable perspiration support products. The ultra thin and soft liners have a self-adhesive backing which adheres directly to one’s garment, stopping unsightly and embarrassing sweat patches from showing and saving the garment from sweat and deodorant stains.

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Q: Can Sweax Underarm Liners be used on any fabric?

A: Sweax Underarm liners are suitable for most fabrics – it is up to the user’s discretion as to which garments to adhere Sweax to.

Q: What if Sweax Underarm Liners won’t stick to my garment?

A: Sweax Underarm Liners will not adhere to soiled garments. Apply Sweax to clean garments only

Q: What if some of the liner gets stuck to my garment and I cannot remove it?

A: Any glue remnants that may remain on the garment can be easily removed by placing the garment in a normal, cool wash. Before drying the garment, simply peel any remnants off!

Q: Where should I place Sweax to ensure no sweat marks?

A: As one’s ‘sweat area’ is generally forward of the garments seams, placing Sweax to the front side of the garment seams and changing Sweax as needed, will ensure no sweat marks.

Q: What is the difference between the Male and Female Sweax?

A: The size! Sweax for Men and Sweax for Women are two different sizes.

Q: I am female, can I use Sweax for Men?

A: Of course! Depending on an individual’s ‘sweating habits’ and size, men and women can use either Sweax product.

Q: Can I wash my garment with Sweax Underarm Liners still attached?

A: We recommend that the liner is removed before washing. However, Sweax will NOT disintegrate like a tissue! Do NOT put Sweax into a Tumble Dryer. Do NOT iron your garment with Sweax attached.

Q: Can I re-use my Sweax Underarm Liners?

A: Sweax Underarm Liners are disposable and designed for one wear only.

Sweax is available for purchase online!