Burnex Burn Gel

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Cool, soothing hydrogel that moisturizes and helps to take the first steps towards healing by managing pain and keeping the afflicted area cool post first aid. It does this naturally with a specially formulated moisture donating hydrogel, which consists in excess of 90% water trapped in a proprietary gel that is specifically designed to cool and help provide pain relief. Contains pure Australian Tea Tree Oil* to help prevent infection and aid relief.

Tube contents:25g

Expiry Date: 07/2026 


  • Pain Relief - Water-based hydrogel acts as a ‘heat sink’ drawing heat out of the burn to provide evaporative cooling, stopping burns from progressing and aiding in pain relief.
  • Hydration - Donates moisture to the wound to minimise the risk of skin dehydration and provide an ideal, moist healing environment. Maintains the cooling effect post running water. Cooling helps minimise tissue damage and hasten healing.
  • Skin Integrity - Post-burn infection is a key complication in minor and serious burn injuries. Provides an effective barrier against bacterial contamination to protect from infections. Non-toxic hydrogel is skin and tissue compatible.


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